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Jelena Schidzig

JelenaSchidzig CEO/ Scientific Department Innovation, is the driving force behind Desmond a legal risk management system that incorporates real time portfolios instead of static approximation and initial legal risk valuation. The advantage of this approach to qualitative legal analysis is that it ensures accurate and precise (not approximated) legal risk valuation, categorization and legal risk control, including decision – making under multi – agent systems and machine learning.

Ms.Schidzig is also the co-founder and manager of several companies active in management and consultancy.

Ms.Schidzig’s research interests include the development of next generation artificial intelligence systems and their implementation in legal research and analysis in order to apply it to the heritage and “scrutiny” of law under the "legal industrialization" era.

Ms.Schidzig is currently pursuing her LL.M in International Law at Stetson University School of law. She earned the LL.M in Business Law from German Graduate School of Management and Law where she was awarded a Dieter Schwarz (the founder of LIDL group) scholarship based on her prior achievements during her studies and in business. Ms.Schidzig also holds a BS in Informatics and is a Fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

Modern Legal Practice Journal 3rd edition:
"Legal risk and sound management judgement: can artificial intelligence make us better lawyers?" Jelena Schidzig & Stuart Weinstein, October 2017